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Expanding Horizons: Fuko It

By Autumn Sauer One look into the world of Fuko Ito‘s art will provide an ethereal and colorful thrill, but look longer and look closer. While Fuko’s art may feel unfamiliar … Continue reading

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Narrative, Nostalgia, and New Perspectives: Karen Lisondra’s Take on Theater

By Autumn Sauer   Karen Lisondra is a storyteller. She doesn’t just tell her own stories though. She speaks about the experiences of many people, making sure every voice is heard. … Continue reading

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Get Into the Groove: An Afternoon with Daniel Hogans

By Autumn Sauer My interview with Daniel began with us sitting in chairs, which is pretty standard for an interview. However, I quickly learned that this would not be a … Continue reading

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Beyond the Page: How Madison Mae Parker Writes Outside the Box

By Autumn Sauer When I interviewed Madison Mae Parker it was clear that she was a writer and performer. She spoke with confidence and poise, navigating and articulating her answers effortlessly. But Madison Mae’s … Continue reading

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Patchwork Portfolio: A chat with Luke Haynes

By Autumn Sauer You know how they say some people look like their dogs, well some people act like their dogs too. Luke Haynes, a current Charlotte Street Foundation studio resident, … Continue reading

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An article from KC Women in Tech

Member Spotlight: Jessica Kincaid by Samantha McCall, Kansas City Women in Technology If you’ve ever attended a Coding and Cocktails workshop or Tech Talk presentation, you know the women involved … Continue reading

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In the Park with Wilbur Niewald

“You see, to me, it is just color.” – Wilbur Niewald.

Documentary film collaboration update from Studio Resident Elizabeth Stehling

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Introducing Katerina Guillermo

Every year I make pieces I call “Natal Prints,” and they summarize what I am as an individual and mark my development as an artist and as a person.

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Art Jokes I’ve Been Working On

These jokes have been rated aRt I knew I wanted to be an artist since I was a toddler when I called my parents “MOMA” and “Dada.”   What do … Continue reading

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Iconic Queer Albums that Inspired Mazzy Mann’s ‘MX.MRS is PAGLIACCI’

On May 25th 2018, I finally sat down after my hour long set performing PAGLIACCI, sweaty cigarette in hand, exhausted. I had did it. I had poured my all into … Continue reading

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Poetry is a Mouth

“Poetry is a mouth; kiss open its language.” For Open Studios, I wanted to turn my studio into an experience of what poetry feels like for me. A lot of … Continue reading

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Catching UP

A very late start but here is a timeline of what my studio has looked like for the last seven months!     The first changes I made were to … Continue reading

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The 2018 Open Studios Event is this Saturday!

2018 SCHEDULE   SCHEDULE OF EVENTS, PERFORMANCES, & ACTIVITIES click to view/download the weekend digital program  Charlotte Street’s Studio Residency welcomes the public to our annual Open Studios event at … Continue reading

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modus operandi @ Cottey College

mo·dus op·e·ran·di ˌmōdəs ˌäpəˈrandē,ˌmōdəs ˌäpəˈrandī noun a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established. Cottey College P.E.O. Foundation Gallery 1000 W Austin Blvd, … Continue reading

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NCECA – The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts

The 52nd Annual Conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this year. I just returned late last night from our week-long trip out … Continue reading

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input/output: art and technology

Walter Isaacson – Leonardo Da Vinci In addition to this biography on Leonardo Da Vinci, Professor Isaacson has written biographies on Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Henry Kissinger. This … Continue reading

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input/output: Gaga

Every day, each of us takes in countless bits of media and stimuli that impact our processes, our projects, and our lives. Sometimes we seek out specific sources of inspiration … Continue reading

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At Charlotte Street the studio residents formally meet once a month. This year, some of the residents have organized an informal group that gets together each of the other Mondays. … Continue reading

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Kintsugi (金継ぎ, きんつぎ, “golden joinery”), also known as Kintsukuroi (金繕い, きんつくろい, “golden repair”), is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique. As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.

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So far…

This is my first post! I feel silly waiting so long, but life moves at a speed that I don’t always agree with. I thought for my first post, I’d … Continue reading

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#MyPersonalBlackHistory is a hashtag I created to celebrate parts of black history that may not always be mentioned. With this hashtag I have posted thoughts, revelations, poetry, local history, living … Continue reading

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Drawing with Code

Learning to code has led me to a new body of work. I made my earlier work by stitching glass beads together with thread to create pictorial textiles. The repetitive … Continue reading

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Response poems – sometimes they’re necessary

So I wrote a response poem, I won’t even say it was a good poem but rather a knee jerk response. It was something I needed, a bit of therapy … Continue reading

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Send Purpose – Women of the World Poetry Slam – Dallas TX 2018

  What is Women of the World Poetry Slam  The Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWps) is a four day poetry festival, in which 96 of the best female-identified poets in … Continue reading

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There comes a time in your life when you must push yourself out of your comfort zone, and take flight. But as anyone who has taken that leap knows, there … Continue reading

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Editing to Heal – Take Care

Helllllllloooooo!!!!! I read a really dope article about proper punctuation in poetry which inspired this post. Here is the link if anyone has ever read my poetry they know punctuation … Continue reading

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Hello, Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sheri Purpose Hall A.K.A. Arsyn (that’s my pseudonym), A.K.A. Shaolin Ninja Da Illafiga (my Wu Tang generator name which I take very … Continue reading

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Introduction to Whatever it is I Do

Good evening, all two of you! If you’re reading this, I certainly appreciate your taking the time to do so. While I’m working my way through my newest collection of … Continue reading

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Charlotte Street Foundation kicks off the 2017-18 artist studio residency term with the annual “Studio Residents Slide Slam.” The Slide Slam event is a great way for artists to introduce … Continue reading

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Yet Unknown: Microbes and You

On Saturday, August 12th, at the Paragraph Gallery in downtown KCMO at the “Yet, Unkown” exhibition in the Paragraph Gallery. Microbes and You: A Tasting and Discussion Artist S.E. Nash … Continue reading

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Well, He’s Dead,Running Through Fringe Festival 2017

Whim Productions is back in the KC Fringe Festival with Well, He’s A Dead.  Dead tells the story of a paranoid internet sleuth, Diane, and her best friend, Nicole, who … Continue reading

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Silence is deadly

I think that’s what 45 means when he says Make America Great Again! I think he wishes for another life where he has scarred knuckles and psoriasis of the liver, hears the Catholic church bells at night as he lights his cigarettes on the stove.

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STUDIO UPDATE: “from this side of space to the other side of the signal”

A look back… Most of the way through my first year in this surprising residency experience I find myself taking stock of the very standing of what I am producing … Continue reading

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Resident Check-In: Shiny Jets

What is your artistic medium? Tucker: We work almost exclusively in preposterous notions. Shanté: Mostly from Joanns’ What do you hope to explore in your art during your time at Charlotte Street? … Continue reading

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Looking Forward to Friday!

Hi All! We’re stoked to see you all for the Open Studios show this Friday! See you then!

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Come Join Us!!

We are so excited about the Charlotte Street Open Studios this coming Friday! Come join us!! Shanté & Tucker

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Friday, April 28 + Saturday, April 29 Charlotte Street’s Studio Residency Weekend welcomes the public into our artists’ studios for a behind-the-scenes view of the Studio Residency Program. This is … Continue reading

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Resident Check-In: Arnold Young

What is your artistic medium? Primarily music performance & composition. What do you hope to explore in your art during your time at Charlotte Street? the group dynamic between the … Continue reading

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Itsasadsdathing Store is Open!!

I’m proud to announce that 11 x 17 prints of my poetry collages are now available on my website! The poetry collages began as somewhat of a therapy exercise. I … Continue reading

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bongo chix & scary stories

Hey guys, good news! We finished “Stoned Acid Freaks.” This is a collaboration between me and Rachel Mesplay Helm. It’s online and also available on limited edition VHS. I’m really … Continue reading

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