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Thayer Bray

Thayer Bray is a visual artist who graduated in 2009 with his BFA in printmaking from Kansas University. He has been working at Lawrence Lithography Workshop, under the immediate direction of master printer Michael Sims, for more than four years. His work is heavily informed by a variety of sources, from Contemporary and premodern art to literature, to comix, prints and sculpture. His recent artistic production centers on the heterosexual couple, on the dynamics of their intimate interaction, the subversion and assertion of traditional gender roles, and the manifestation and manipulation of the image of the self and of the other, and how that shifts as one interacts with the other.

Bray writes: “My art seems to constantly orbit the notion of the pathetic man. Not quite a loser, but never a hero, the pathetic man is ever present in my consciousness, though he might not manifest explicitly in my work; from Adolescent Male Power Fantasies to awkward amorous attempts, like a graceless Tom Joad, he is there. So it’s only natural that my work should turn to instances when the pathetic man is most evidently so: before Woman.”

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