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Bo Hubbard

Bo Hubbard is a Kansas City based artist focusing on installation, performance, and public programming. Bo graduated from the Painting Department at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2016. After graduation, Bo received a summer Fellowship at Ox-Bow School of Arts followed by an assistant teaching position at Penland School of Crafts for print and paper making. In 2017, Bo, along with Boi Boy, received a Rocket Grant to open Alter Art Space. The two also received a DIY Fund Award from Meow Wolf to help fund the project.

Alter Art Space is an exploration of the social practice of nightlife through interactive installations, costumes, and performance. After a year’s worth of monthly installation dance parties, Alter gave up its physical location to focus on public programming and make more time for individual studio practices. Bo is excited to bring his experience from Alter into the studio.

Charlotte Street Foundation

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