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Jennifer Wilkinson

Jennifer Wilkinson graduated in 2014 with her BFA in Sculpture/Ceramic Art from the Kansas City Art Institute. Wilkinson is a ceramic and mixed media artist. She is interested in the movement that seemingly inanimate objects possess, and utilizes materials such as minerals, sculptures, paper, and found objects in her practice, as well as 3-D modeled forms. Her work aims to lead the viewer to explore real and imagined places.

Wilkinson writes: “In a world where movement and change are certain the ceramic process archives the textures of time. With natural history and the future of humanity in mind I create sculptures and paintings that blur the line between nature and artifice. I celebrate the almost alien-like abilities of mankind to transform nature through the use of digital mark making and biological/geological imagery.

Collage is at the foundation of my studio practice. I cut and paste gathered and developed forms, images, and materials that begin to create new worlds and languages.  Atmosphere is developed through a binary and modular composite system. I arrange the ceramic and mixed media components by their sense of brutishness and ephemerality. Constructed tables and shelves hold groupings of boulder-like monuments, topological spaces, and metaphysical compositions, linking one surreal landscape to the next. 

I am interested in creating a sense of tropophilia and biophilia in the viewer. I emphasize sacred places where the language becomes cryptic and hermetic. Foreign but remarkably relatable to me, I offer the viewer a chance to explore parts of real and imagined space.”

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