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Max Adrian

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Max Adrian is an artist with a diverse studio practice that involves sculpture, installation, and writing, among other disciplines. Greatly influenced by history and the art of storytelling, Adrian is concerned with ways in which humans engage with one another among such issues as social rights, sexuality, and cultural traditions. His work, oftentimes bordering a line between playful and sinister, tends to imply a state of activity while taking the guise of toys, tools, or relics of an unknown ritual. Questions arise as to how such objects have been or are supposed to be interacted with.

Adrian states “I thrive in collaborative settings, and I aspire to create artistic opportunities that rely on collaboration to accomplish poignantly engaging feats of creativity that speak to important issues of morality and the human experience—feats that ask questions and generate curiosity, wonder, introspection, and conversation among diverse communities of people.”

Image : Victorious Plaything, Pleather, chainette fringe.

Charlotte Street Foundation

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