Charlotte Street Foundation identifies the needs and fuels the evolution of an ever-changing multidisciplinary arts ecosystem, acting as its primary provocateur. We cultivate the contemporary, the exceptional, and the unexpected in the practice of artists working in and engaging with the Kansas City Art Community

Zachary Voss

Zachary Voss received his BFA in 2013 from the Kansas City Art Institute. Voss is a visual artist who uses multiple materials and techniques such as grinding/ laminating/ fastening wood, mold casting, chemical finishing, welding/general metal fabrication, polymer/Plexiglas fabrication, latex, etc. He has also participated in group performance shows with GRUPPO.

Voss writes: “My work always starts with language, relying on its paradoxical nature as an inherently participatory institution, yet one that is essential to individual expression. I actively engage more democratic means of artistic dissemination in contrast to the luxury art object. The work is born of the individual, but seeks as much as possible to return to the whole, much as the individual protester must admit his stake in the group to which his address is aimed. The work in total aims to celebrate a fundamental element of human expression, that of personal autonomy, of the necessity for self-actualization, not in spite of cooperation, but as an element of it.”


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