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TigerStyle! Crew

Through the years, the Midwest has created several heavy hitters in both the professional dance industry, and the underground dance scene. The professional dance lineage persists with a collection of the Midwest’s finest movement artists. We are known as TigerStyle! Crew.
From our humble beginning in 2007, TSC! has pushed the boundaries of artistry and blending the borders of industry and underground. Starting with only five members, TigerStyle! Crew has now grown to a force of fifteen artists including dancers from all over the United States and a professional Dj. (DJ Tiberias). Unique in the fact that the crew is successful in both worlds, we constantly push to blend the borders and create unity amongst diversity.
TSC! has had crew members involved in every avenue of dance. We have won battles in multiple styles, i.e., Breaking, Hip Hop, Popping, House and Freestyle at some of the most reputable events in street-dance. Along with our accomplishments in the underground dance world, we have built a reputation through that of the commercial industry. You can catch TSC! members touring with artists like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift. We have been featured in countless music videos, commercials and print jobs. The crew has always worked to bring the two worlds closer together. TSC! strives to demonstrate the artistry and freedom that street-dance culture can offer to the structured world of commercial dance, while simultaneously introducing the discipline and professionalism of the industry to the community.


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