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Molly Dillon

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Molly Dillon is a 2015 BFA graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute with a double major in painting and creative writing. She is currently making a series of paintings that use color and material density to change the viewer’s relationship with the image at hand.

Dillon states: “My work is currently in a state of transition where I am building on my experience working in observation. Observation will always be important to my work, because it allows me to piece together narratives that I find rooted in the world. I am trying to find a language of simplification and reduction for these narratives that are not necessarily linear. They become forms that connect to first person experience through gestures as simple as looking at a hand or placing someone in a field. In my practice, I am interested in playing the role of the storyteller, but I still want the viewer to feel like they have room to play with their interpretation.”

Image: A Wall to be Carried Away from New York, ink and acrylic on paper.


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