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Joey Watson

portraitshotJoey Watson is a ceramic artist who uses tools such as 3D rendering software, CNC milling, 3D printing, computerized gas kilns, and an electroencephalograph (EEG) to cultivate his work.

“Born and raised in the arid Sonoran Desert I became engaged early on in the visual splendor of the region. Mountains carved through time by erosion and the unique plant and animal life all influenced my early mind.

I am a fresh graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute with my BFA in ceramics. I’m currently a Charlotte Street Foundation studio resident for the 2014-15 term and I was awarded a 2014 Regina Brown Undergraduate Fellowship last year through NCECA with which I traveled to NYC to research ancient and contemporary ritual implements. I’ve also studied at the International Ceramic Studio in Kecskemet, Hungary, as well as at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, where my mold-making processes translated from ceramic to glass. After my session at Pilchuck I was nominated for the 2015 Corning Incorporated Award to attend a course at the Glass School in the summer of ’15.”

Learn more about Joey on his website:

KCAI Ceramic Studio Dec 13-6863 cup_6_joey-1 untitled-6973 Watson1 Watson2 Watson3 Watson4 Watson5 Watson6 Watson9 Watson10-1 Watson10

tumblr_n04u72q6oH1t14gdjo1_1280 copy tumblr_n04u43qJq31t14gdjo1_1280 copy tumblr_n04u27lqix1t14gdjo1_1280 copy tumblr_n04u5wVpvo1t14gdjo1_1280 copy Joey Watson - Glass Jan 15-1260 copy Joey Watson - Glass Jan 15-1209 copy Joey Watson - Glass Jan 15-1142 copy Joey Watson - Glass Jan 15-1088 copy 8A3A9970 copy Joey Watson - Glass Jan 15-1029 copy Joey Watson - Glass Jan 15-1002 copy

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