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Danny Volin

Danny Volin is a writer, usually of short stories but sometimes of longer stuff too. He’s been a baseball field liner, a window washer, a children’s bookstore clerk, a teacher, a copywriter, a terrible pizza cook, a gym towel folder, a dissertation editor, a “No-Child-Left-Behind” tutor, a document scanner, a house painter, a standardized test writer, and a lawn mower. He is generally overeducated.

Volin writes: “Although there is the occasional novel attempt, my work is primarily short stories. They focus – sometimes against my will – on the Midwest. I wind up writing about Kansas, the prairie, the suburbs and small towns. Those are the physical locations at least. On a character level – though it seems silly to put it so nakedly – I write about lonely people willfully striving against their own loneliness. People who want to not just to be heard, but to be understood and listened to.”



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