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NDo (Jahaira Aguilar and Andrew Lattner)



NDo is a socially engaged collaborative project from Jahaira Aguilar and Andrew Lattner. The two artists graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute, Painting ’16. The artists have been collaborating the last three years on projects that utilize conversations and relationships that unite people. Their largest project to date, Debt Day Carnival, was an ambitious one day carnival on the KCAI campus with a focus on creating a conversation about what is exactly happening when you go to school, when you’re investing in your future, partaking in higher education.  A dialogue about student debt- a depressing national problem with humor.

NDo is currently collaborating with The Phoenix Family’s after-school low income youth program. The duo actively teaches art projects with the children weekly. They also have hosted fellow CSF artist residents’ workshops.10_NDo_Phoenix Family Visit9_NDo_Visiting Artist_Neil Goss



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