Charlotte Street Foundation identifies the needs and fuels the evolution of an ever-changing multidisciplinary arts ecosystem, acting as its primary provocateur. We cultivate the contemporary, the exceptional, and the unexpected in the practice of artists working in and engaging with the Kansas City Art Community

Cristina Muñiz

muniz_headshotCristina Muñiz is a visual artist whose work is autobiographical using line, shape, form and color, and allowing these to become metonymic, representative of events, memories or words. Her lines and colors work to create her own language. In 2011, she earned her associate’s degree from San Antonio College in graphic illustration. In 2014, she earned her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute.

Muñiz writes: “A personal script or language serves as a surrogate for memories, events, or words that I have heard in my life. Through that language, repeating marks, color, and scale, I push the idea that something can be abstracted and still be narrative.”

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