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MacKenzie Reed


Mackenzie Reed graduated from the Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH with a Bachelor of Music in May of 2007 with a focus on Piano Performance, Organ Performance. In 2012 Reed completed her Master of Fine Arts at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA  as a Performer-Composer. Reed not only draws on her classical training but also heavy metal and the Eastern European folk music tradition.

Reed states, “Although composing music for its own sake is very enjoyable, I am passionate about creating music that serves as a living, breathing, vital function in a theatrical performance piece. I believe that performance has the power to contribute powerfully and meaningfully to the individual and society. My favorite musical creations have a cinematic quality, which lends well to theatrical collaborations. Whether intended for theatrical collaboration or not, my musical oeuvre tells a story, paints a picture, or explores a human experience. My aim as an artist is to use all of my skills and experiences, as well as my collaborative abilities, to create truthful, narrative-driven performance art which invites the audience to participate in a positive, communal experience…”

Charlotte Street Foundation

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