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Karen Lisondra


All individuals feel a “hunger for the deeper reality than the fullest form of everyday life” (Peter Brook). It is within the form of theatre where I chose to address and satiate this individual and collective need. I experiment with techniques of devised theatrical production to immerse the audience in a theatre of sensations that interrogates ourselves and our societies.
My processes often relate directly to my origins and my transcultural experience, and influenced by my training in anthropological theatre – the study of the pre-expressive qualities of the actor.
My movement based work extends beyond the womb of traditional theatre spaces. Butoh in a library, clown in a children’s hospital, stiltwalking over a hanging bridge. These ephemeral acts, along with the devised theatrical projects, nurture the spectator not only to be more imaginative in the co-creation of our reality, but to be acrobats of the heart.]

Charlotte Street Foundation

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