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Z. Hall



Hall is an artist-scholar whose arts writing and academic writing focuses on contemporary visual art, visual and material rhetoric, race, identity, gender, performance art, media, and intersections of these. She has blogged about these on 360 Degrees since 2011. She is a poet, photographer, and emerging visual and performance artist. Ekphrasis is her poetry specialty.

Hall is also the Executive Director and producer of Salon~360, a monthly event that brings together artists, business people, scholars, activists, and community members in dialogue around society’s most pressing issues. Her passion for creating space for open dialogue stems back to the 2011 online version of Salon~360, ‘Shaken Not Stirred: Conversations with Friends,’ on her blog. Salon~360 events are produced at restaurants or venues in the Kansas City region.

The connection between Salon~360 and Hall’s arts writing, scholarship, and artistry is that she is interested in the relationships among art expression and dialogue, and how these shape culture within societies.



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