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Molly Garrett


Molly Garrett is a visual artist working in filmmaking and video installation.  They graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2015, with a degree in Animation and Art History.  Garrett’s artistic practice is influenced by writing and research. Recently, their installations examine the psychological systems through which identity is categorized. These video installations include projected animation, but also address the object used to hold or re-direct the projection. By using mirrors, engraving, fabric, and paint, Garrett creates an interdependent relationship between object, projection and viewer.


Garrett writes: In the clinical structure of these theories, I feel a lack of control. These personality tests, like the MMPI-2 and Myers-Briggs, strip away individuality and make complexities bend to “true or false” questions.  In my installations, I take back authority of my queer identity and culture while still respecting the original academic thoughts — an unsolicited collaboration between myself and various famous, cis, white, and usually dead men.”


A Theory of Human Motivation
, 2015

Balance, 2016

Reflections On/Of Raymond Cattell, 2016

Self Portrait, 2016

Are We Still Touching, 2016



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