Charlotte Street Foundation identifies the needs and fuels the evolution of an ever-changing multidisciplinary arts ecosystem, acting as its primary provocateur. We cultivate the contemporary, the exceptional, and the unexpected in the practice of artists working in and engaging with the Kansas City Art Community






Charlotte Street Foundation is seeking applications from visual artists, performing artists, and writers interested in its Studio Residency Program. Applications are due Monday, March 29th 2021. 



Charlotte Street’s Studio Residency Program provides free studio and rehearsal spaces to a mixed disciplinary cohort of exceptional artists for 2 year-long terms. Through the program’s offerings—which include free studio space, advisors, public programs, monthly cohort meetings and presentations, studio visits and access to a multidisciplinary network of artist peers—Charlotte Street’s Studio Residency Program encourages creative production, artistic experimentation, professional development, and community building. The program fosters CSF’s values of risk taking, openness, excellence, and collaboration by creating an environment where artists use the platforms and resources available to meet personal goals and career milestones. The 2021 Studio Residents will be selected through a competitive juried portfolio process.  Artists will be notified by April, 30th 2021. Studio move-in and group orientation is Sunday, June 20th, 2021

Applications will only be accepted through CaFE.


 The Studio Residency provides:

  • 24 hour accessible free studio work space for 2 years in Kansas City, MO
  • Workshop, media lab, library and meeting spaces
  • Accessibility to engagement with an advisor, regular guest critics, curators, producers and out-of-town visitors
  • Annual Open Studios and opportunities to develop public facing Studio Residency related programs and events
  • Opportunities to develop networks, peer to peer learning, and collaboration with 30 artists
  • Accessibility to CSF’s onsite programming in the White Box gallery and Black Box theater

Visual artists, writers, and performing artists (composers/musicians, choreographers/dancers, theatre artists) are eligible for a two year residency, with terms beginning each June. Applications for the Studio Residency Program are accepted each spring for available work spaces. Artists are chosen based on portfolio review by a jury of industry professionals. The CSF facility provides both private studios and shared rehearsal spaces in the residency. Studio space assignment is dependent on discipline needs and rotation of available space. Studio Residents are expected to reside in the Kansas City metropolitan area: Jackson, Platte, Cass Counties (MO) and Johnson, Wyandotte, Douglas, Leavenworth Counties (KS) while actively utilizing the free studio over the entire two year term. 


Currently there are 12-14 available studios for the incoming 2021 cohort.  In each annual cycle, there are approximately 30+ artists active in the residency. Charlotte Street strives for an equal mix of emerging and established artists representing a multiplicity of disciplines. The incoming 2021 cohort of artists will join the residents currently finishing their 2nd year of the program. The 2020 cohort of artists who will remain in residence through Spring of 2022 include:

VISUAL- Craig Auge, Michelle Chan, Drea DiCarlo, Rachel Hubbard Kline, Mary Clara Hutchison, Leon Jones, Bailey Mastin , Andrew Ordonez, Will Toney
PERFORMANCE- Seth Andrew Davis, Melinda Hedgecorth, Carrie Wallen, Jeramy Zimmerman
WRITERS- Vanessa Aricco, CJ Charbonneau, Jackie Hedeman


Residencies are granted to the selected artists for two year terms, which run mid June through the end of May. Artists who make exceptional use of their studios over the first year are automatically eligible for a second year term. Applicants must be over the age of eighteen; full-time students currently enrolled in a degree seeking program will NOT be considered. Non-area residents may apply, but are expected to reside in the Kansas City metropolitan five county region once the residency term begins

  • Visual artists working in all media are encouraged to apply. Note, the use of toxic materials (spray paint, fixatives, oil paint mediums) in the unventilated studios is prohibited. The studio spaces do not enable the use of a kiln, welding equipment, or other heavy machinery.. The CSF facility has a separate building with an equipped workshop and other special amenities (vented spray booth, silk screen production station, electric bench tools, air compressor, breakout space and work tables).


  • Performing artists working in all disciplines are encouraged to apply, including theatre artists, choreographers/dancers, composers/musicians, singers/songwriters, performance artists, filmmakers, and cross-disciplinary artists.


  • Writers working in all genres are encouraged to apply. Particular preference will be given to artists with a strong interest in working in a cross-disciplinary environment with access to other artists, including those whose focus is on critical/expository writing about art/artists and contemporary culture.



Go to If this is your first time using CaFE, click Artist Sign Up and complete the free registration form. You must be registered before you can log in and apply to a call for entry.


If you already have a CaFE account, click Login. Existing users may proceed to log in and apply to a call for entry. If you don’t remember your password, use the forgot password link.


Applying is a three-stage process. ALL steps must be completed to submit.


STEP 1: My Portfolio. Upload work samples.

STEP 2: Apply to Calls. Search calls and apply.

STEP 3: Checkout. Complete and checkout.


TUTORIAL for uploading portfolio content to CAFE:
NOTE: video is an application tutorial for CSF’s Rocket Grants, but the same portfolio submission process is required for the residency application.


Zoom Info Session: Tuesday, March 16th, 6:30pm (CST)
CSF will host an online broadcast info session from the studios. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about the program or application process.



Each year four new jurors are selected to review the Studio Residency applications. The jurors are professional artists in a variety of media, curators, educators, critical art writers and cultural activists – all from the Kansas City region. The process for the residency selections takes place in two stages:
• First an online review in which jurors score each application based on portfolio images and work samples

  • Secondly an in-person convening with the jurors reviewing  first round application scores. The top scored applications receive a more in-depth review of their materials and a group evaluation. At this stage the jurors revote and make final selections for the visual artists, performing artists and writers. The final number of applications selected for the residency varies each term based on studio availability. 


Charlotte Street Foundation values an equitable, diverse, and inclusive art community, which we interpret as all artists having fair access to the tools and resources they need to realize their artistic endeavors. We acknowledge structural inequities that have excluded individuals and communities from opportunity based on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, class, age, and geography, and strive to counter those inequities in our work.  We encourage panelists and selection committees to actively consider and seek to recommend a diverse pool of applicants as finalists and recipients of these awards and all Charlotte Street Foundation programs.


After eighteen years operating the artist studios nomadically in downtown Kansas City’s vacant office spaces, Charlotte Street Foundation brings it’s core services and programming under one roof in its newly constructed 20,000 square foot arts facility in the Volker neighborhood of Kansas City, MO. The CSF facility, which is permanently located at 3333 Wyoming, Kansas City, MO 64111, is equipped with new artist studios situated on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Studios are unfurnished workspaces only; the program does not provide residential accommodations. 


Visual artist studios:

14 private studios with locked doors, unventilated, plywood backed drywall from floor to ceiling, 10’ high ceilings, concrete floors, with natural and controlled LED lighting. These studios are situated on Level 3 in the CSF facility, with secured elevator access. 

NOTE: 10 private size studios (125 sqft) + 4 large/shared (collaborators) studios (315 sqft)
2 large/shared studios reserved for ‘21-’23 residents

2 large/shared studios reserved for ‘19-’22 residents


Performing artist studios: 

Dancers/Choreographers (5 artists)

The shared dance rehearsal studio (630 sq ft) on Level 2 is equipped with a plywood sprung floor and taped down Marley, wall mounted mirrors and curtain, installed sound system with ceiling speakers, Bluetooth and WiFi for audio devices. Dance Residents may request their top 3 rehearsal time slots. These residents are guaranteed 3 three-hour rehearsal slots each week. The remaining OPEN time slots may be signed up for, monthly, through the shared rehearsal calendar.


Performers musical/theatrical/composer (4-5 artists)

Four private secured door, carpeted and soundproofed studios (70 sq’) 

One shared and secured rehearsal studio is intended for performing artists that require space for regular performance group or collaborator rehearsals and live audio recordings. The (400 sq ft) shared rehearsal studio is a sound proofed, carpeted, and secured practice room equipped with an installed sound system, including multi-channel mixing board, monitors and mics.

These residents are guaranteed 3 three-hour rehearsal slots each week. The remaining OPEN time slots may be signed up for, monthly, through the shared rehearsal calendar.

1 large performance studio is 130 sq ft 

3 regular performance studios approx. 70sq ft

1 Shared rehearsal studio 400 sq ft


Composers, solo/duo performers

The four private, sound proofed, carpeted and secured studios (apx 70 sq’) are situated on Level 2, the same floor as the shared rehearsal studio. The private studios are intended for composers/songwriters and solo/duo musicians. Studios have reinforced sound panels and Wi-Fi access. Use of the shared rehearsal studio is permitted based on need and availability.


Writer studios:

The six private micro studios (60 sq’) are unfurnished with secured doors, 10’ ceilings, dimmable lights, windows and WiFi access. The writers’ studios are situated on Level 3 in proximity with the visual studios. Level 3 has secured elevator access. 



Participating artists are expected to commit to:
Actively Utilize the studio space over the two year term
Advance their artistic practices and professional development
Build a sense of community with fellow studio artists
Leverage their residencies toward future opportunities

Also note: All artists selected for residencies will be required to complete goal-setting worksheets and meet with CSF staff for short Zoom interviews prior to the commencement of their residencies in June. The interviews are an opportunity for the artist to discuss their goals, space, special needs, and potential advisors.

Other benefits include:

Monthly meetings —all-resident group meetings occur the Third Monday evening of each month throughout the term. The meetings allow the artists to connect, collaborate, and share resources. Guest speakers are also scheduled throughout the term for special presentations, typically sharing their projects, experiences and advice to the residents. Guest speakers are determined based off of the overall responses on the goal worksheets. 


AdvisorsEach studio resident is paired with a volunteer advisor for the duration of their residency term. These advisors are established artists or arts professionals from the broader Kansas City area, who generously provide resident artists with feedback, support, encouragement, and connections to other individuals and resources in the broader community. The artist and advisor meet periodically over the course of the term. Each artist completes a goal-setting worksheet at the onset of their residency. CSF selects and invites the advisors based off of the responses and goals the artist provides in the worksheet and one-on-one interview. The resident’s goal worksheet is shared with their advisor to help guide the objectives along the way.


Studio Visits— Visiting artists, gallerists, curators, writers, publishers, collectors, patrons and classes are scheduled for studio visits with residents over the two year term. Visits are  arranged both by CSF and by residents themselves. These visits provide the artists feedback, experience, opportunities and unknown resources with new connections.


Open Studios —The annual Spring Open Studios provides opportunities for residents to meet and share their work with the broader community. The public is invited to visit the residency studios, meet artists and see new and in-process artworks, experience live performances, hear artist talks, writer’s readings, and more.


Public Programs — Each resident is required to participate in the annual Slide Slam evening presentation at the beginning of each term in June.  Artists have the opportunity to create and rapidly share examples of their portfolio with their cohorts as a public gathering/orientation.



Studio Lounge- 3rd floor space dedicated for the residents

  • Couches and chairs, tables and stools
  • Kitchenette- refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker
  • WiFi

Media Lab- 1st floor room equipped for podcast and video production

  • Sound proofed, ceiling struts, vinyl floor
  • Green screen and production lighting
  • Audio /editing suite sound proofed, snake passthrough, viewing window, carpeted


Workshop-separate building with regular hours and by appointment

  • Vented spray booth
  • Silk screen printing station
  • Powered bench tools
  • Air compressor tools
  • Cordless hand tools
  • Work tables and breakout space

Library- 1st floor private room with CSF collections, regular hours and programs

  • Monthly public programs and presentations
  • Current and past art publications and books
  • Research resources
  • Charlotte Street Foundation archive
  • Wifi, printer, scanner, projector, flatscreen display
  • Electronic audio and reading devices
  • Conference table seating
  • Private reservation available for programming and research

Conference Room- 1st floor private room by appointment

  • Sofa and armchairs 
  • Large flat screen display
  • WiFi


CSF Campus Features

  • CSF staff offices
  • White Box gallery exhibitions and programs
  • Black Box performances and programs
  • Two on-site parking lots, street parking, bike racks
  • Large item load-in with freight elevator access

Charlotte Street Foundation, founded in 1997, is a nationally-leading, non-profit, Kansas City-based organization that identifies the needs and fuels the evolution of an ever-changing multidisciplinary arts ecosystem, acting as its primary provocateur. We cultivate the contemporary, the exceptional, and the unexpected in the practice of artists working in and engaging with the Kansas City Art Community.

For more about Charlotte Street Foundation and the Studio Residency Program, visit:

please email with any questions.


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