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Benjamin Wills

Benjamin Wills is an artist based in Kansas City, MO. Using symbols, performances, objects, and installations, Wills has used his time communicating with and acknowledging marginalized populations and researching new ways to tell stories and make marks. His work is concentrates on understanding how communication through visual art can be transformative— how creativity feeds from our society.

For years the majority of Wills’ outreach has been to men and women who will spend the majority if not all of their lives incarcerated. Through hundreds of handwritten letters, the correspondence gave birth to an art practice—an aggregation of objects and content that have provided the source material for work that he has been creating since 2013. This has culminated in a body of work that is largely a reaction the experience of living in a world separated by temporal, spatial, and cultural borders.

Wills is currently the Catron Visiting Professor of art in Topeka, KS, teaching sculpture and foundations.


Charlotte Street Foundation

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