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Jessica Borusky

Borusky, Jessica - Video Still The Posture Grid!

Jessica Borusky is a visual artist, writer, and performance artist. Her artistic practice is informed through academic feminist methodologies that materialize a visual product dealing with historical/personal narrative through an embodied performance of common western linguistic tropes. Her performance video work seeks to unpack greater oppressive social/cultural norms and practices through satirical performances that also locate her own experience and assumed capacities within and outside of those oppressive structures and norms.

Borusky writes: “Often, I begin my process with a question that seeks to combine feminist theory, lived experience, and historical context/language through performative outcomes, resulting in a space for multi-layered viewer discovery…. my theoretical delivery lies in creating performances for video, curating sites for critical conversation, and developing projects that carry on ideas and concepts surrounding safe, curious spaces for contemporary feminist lived/practice/experience.”


Artist Website

Artist Vimeo Channel

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