Charlotte Street Foundation identifies the needs and fuels the evolution of an ever-changing multidisciplinary arts ecosystem, acting as its primary provocateur. We cultivate the contemporary, the exceptional, and the unexpected in the practice of artists working in and engaging with the Kansas City Art Community

Boi Boy

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BOI BOY is a Kansas City based artist working in sculpture, performance, installation, film making, painting, clothing and shoe making. Their body of work tends to address issues related to ones relationship to home, spirituality and religion as well as self identification in a playful over saturated and over stylized manner. An examination of the idea of fictionalized memories, as a distortion from the truth that has developed overtime as a memory comes to represent a stylized view of our own history. Playing with the mix between fiction and reality in a multimedia format allows BOI BOY to explore a variety of ideas threw color and symbology.

13087287_991316504255206_9139920834641959184_oBOIBOY_3_The Summit Meeting

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