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Madison Parker

Madison Mae Parker is a writer and a performance artist, which owes her loud vocals and rambunctious laughter to her Texas roots. She obtained a BA from Texas A&M University in English Creative Writing (2014). Parker has served as the President of Mic Check Poetry, a 501(c) in Bryan, Texas, as well as Director of the Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival, the largest annual poetry festival in Texas. She was involved with various art organizations such as The Eckleburg Project (literary magazine) and Transform Arts (an international art residency); she now serves as Vice President of Write Bloody Publishing. Parker is part of an art collective titled One Thousand Project that combines poetry and dance in an immersive, physical theatre experience. She has toured and led workshops both nationally and internationally in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, UK, and Europe. She has two chapbooks of poetry published: “The Second Birth” (2015) and “A Woman is a Haunted Tongue” (2016). You can find her watching anime and eating hot Cheetos on the reg with her cat MeowZaki. and

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