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Daniel Hogans


I am a Kansas City based musician from Denver, Colorado. Composition, producing, playing drums, piano, and bass are where I feel most comfortable. As a current 2018 Charlotte Street Resident I have been able to ground myself in Kansas City as a full time musician through practice and networking. I’ve also found new gifts in film, video editing, and photography which has provided me with an extra form of income. My inspiration is constantly changing. I’m finding inspiration in relating my own creativity with the experiences I have with myself and others. 2018 is about how can I change the world around me and how the music I am given can relate to the world around me.
Music inspires and provides healing. All of us need some sort of a sound and vibration. I continue to learn that music is more about the listener than it is about the person playing it, including me. As I develop my craft, I continue to discover flaws in my approach to playing music. Discovering flaws can really really humble you. Instead of letting my ego be emotionally destroyed, I’m learning to focus on fixing these flaws as it relates to the big picture of my purpose in music.

Charlotte Street Foundation

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