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Brian Padavic

BP at Black Lab

Brian Padavic’s focus is live music. He has written for and performed with a variety of genres and ensembles: orchestras, jazz combos, big bands, folk, Latin, rock, musical theater, etc. This range of style influences his musical writing, he pulls from a mix of sources to create music that can be singable yet intellectually intricate, or danceable yet spacious and abstract. Padavic describes his art as – always emotional, and typically inspired by everyday people in my life. Everyone has a story to tell. I want to express their stories through my music.

Padavic States: “My music lives in an exciting and dangerous place between the cracks of musical genres. I fuse written notation with improvisation, combine jazz and opera, invent Hungarian/American folk rock idioms, and weave together Minimalist tendencies and polystylist techniques. My product is a tornado of visceral emotion and complex thought spinning along a Midwestern landscape that intersects the real with the surreal.”

A Tale of Two Rabbys [text by Jennifer Coates] – –
theatrical work for ensemble and vocalists (2012/rev.2014) ~ 45′

Counting Clouds for Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes –

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