Charlotte Street Foundation identifies the needs and fuels the evolution of an ever-changing multidisciplinary arts ecosystem, acting as its primary provocateur. We cultivate the contemporary, the exceptional, and the unexpected in the practice of artists working in and engaging with the Kansas City Art Community




Henry Eddins and Brian Speise have been experimenting with narrative and emotion in environmental sounds, bizarre audioscapes, and musical compositions, currently working up a repertoire as the band “Hellerud.” Their work seeks to explore narratives in various forms, but primarily in sound. Together with another two writers under the name “B.B. Loafus,” they have been composing a wide variety of texts from prose, plays, and poetry to perfume ads and bar menus. Speise and Eddins hope to flesh out and record a series of ‘radio’ plays for both live performance and internet listening. The plays utilize a wide range of strategies to tell the stories, experimenting heavily with sound, music, and the weird freedoms that come with storytelling.

Eddins and Speise write: “We want these stories to be compellingly confusing. Rewarding little mysteries, their clues hidden in plain sight—or earshot.”

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