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Cat Mahari

Photo Shoot


Cat Mahari is a dancer and performance artist whose work is based in exploring collaboration, practice, and research of known and unknown movement disciplines, video projects, and music. She has performed nationally and internationally. In 2011, she received her MA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK. Johnson focuses on issues of communication-relationship paradigms. Her investigations utilize, convey, and present a diversity of processes pertaining to individuality and culture. She is both self-taught and has had guided training in urban dance, ballet, and contemporary movements, and utilizes lived experience across a spectrum of politics, society, and culture.

Mahari writes: “In my practice, movement acts as a hinge onto visual language that opens paths into shifting perspectives of the meaning and worth of communications. My underpinning mission is in attempts of consistently re-establishing the disarray, humor, connectivity, and vibrancy of all human based relationships. This is taken up through planting my projects in the greater sphere of collaboration initiatives and individuality, so that marginal voices, visions, and actions can be recognized.”


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