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Leonard Gayden

Leonard Gayden is a street dancer and DJ. He has been dancing in the Kansas City hip hop/breakdance scene for over a decade, which progressed to DJing. Gayden is currently working on projects that promote local street dancers, while encouraging the dancers to explore new dance settings paired with different styles of music. Gayden recently finished a 2 year project “Let It Fall” with choreographer, Jane Gotch. The piece was presented in Kansas City, New York, and Philadelphia. Leo also received a Rocket Grant Award in 2017, funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation. “This is Our Scene” is a two part multimedia project celebrating Kansas City street dance.


My goal is to create methods of motion thru music that presents regular street dance into something more theatrical and conceptual. I want Kansas City to see street dancing as something more than off the block. I want my work to touch peoples souls emotionally.”

Charlotte Street Foundation

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