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Hannah Carr

Hannah Carr is a recent (2014) graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute. Carr’s visual art explores ideas surrounding the body, the stage, and a play between two-dimensional images and three-dimensional objects. Her two-dimensional imagery is paired with physical objects, including the body and “props”, and becomes a vital way to explore the experience of moving between seeing an image of a fully created environment and physically experiencing the three-dimensionality of the space. Carr layers components of the installation in an attempt to create depth while simultaneously flattening the space. Hannah also creates clothing and accessories with her collaborator Mariah Gillespie under the brand name TWO.

Carr writes: “I am drawn to surreal spaces that combine fictional space with the reality of the body, most typically found in film and theatre. I want to physically experience these settings and situations in a fully tactile way… I’m interested in creating images that the viewer feels one can enter into.”

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