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Cody Kauhl


As a multimedia/time-based artist, Cody Kauhl records and then delicately arranges inconspicuous or disregarded sound and video sources, producing an intimate human agency from otherwise lifeless objects. By doing so, he reinterprets the over-stimulation of modern life as a liberating yet introverted experience. The resulting product often juxtaposes the delicate and visceral, the intricate and sparse, while maintaining an unabashed intimacy throughout. I conceive the development of these works as a linear transformation, much like an extended crossfade between two film scenes.

Another critical component of his art practice utilizes data-driven instruments. When preparing to create a new work, Kauhl develops programs that read information retrieved by accelerometers, webcams, and infrared cameras in order to create expressive musical instruments or sound modifiers. By creating new methods of human computer interaction, he endeavors to perform and create with electronics with as much physical expressivity and audience interaction as any acoustic instrument.
Title: 5 More Irrelevant Facts (2014)
Media: Fixed media video art
Description: What better way to keep us from meaningful, focused work than with “More Irrelevant Facts That Will [insert exaggerated emotional response here]” This work acts as a metaphor for all topical Internet content presented as a list of random, nonsensical bullet points designed to hold fleeting attentions. Coincidentally, most content from these Internet posts and feeds are also transient in cultural relevance. These heart-felt stories, memes, or pop culture references fade into irrelevance within weeks of their inception as new topics vie for significance. Fortunately, the popularity of numbered lists may soon grow tiresome and the purpose of this composition will become as transitory as the subject it examines.
Title: Aurum (2015)
Media: Fixed media video art
Description: Like the previous video, ‘Aurum’ is short video art film that utilizes macro videography and found sound to create an experience where sound and video are on the same level of importance.
Title: Enclencher (2013)
Media: Two dancers and live electronics
Description: “Enclencher” utilizes motion and color tracking (built in Max 6) to capture improvised or choreographed movements from the webcams of two Apple laptops. These computers process the data and send the information through a wireless link to another computer that uses this data to generate sequences of pitch and rhythm based upon a prepared algorithm. The computer-performer then controls other factors of the aural product including timbre, amplitude, and waveform. “Enclencher” was created in collaboration with choreographer and dancer, Simone DeLozier.

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