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Kathy Liao


Kathy Liao recently transplanted to Kansas City by way of Seattle to pursue her career as a painting/printmaking professor. Liao, born in Taiwan, earned a degree in psychology before pursuing a BFA from the University of Washington and a MFA/painting from Boston University. As a painter, Liao draws inspiration from her diverse Hakka Chinese and Japanese ancestries as she seeks to bring awareness to the Asian stereotypes that color her life experiences. Her works are often shaped by the dichotomy between Asian and American culture that she experienced throughout her formative years.

“My work is about relationships… I paint from observation and I want to become familiar with the various relationships that present themselves in front of me. The air, the color, the light, and the distance and space between the sitter and I shift week to week. More significantly, time moves on, and people’s lives change. In the end, I only hope to be truthful to what I see and to build upon that strange, unique, and, I believe, temporary relationship that transpires with each sitting and each moment.”

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