Charlotte Street Foundation identifies the needs and fuels the evolution of an ever-changing multidisciplinary arts ecosystem, acting as its primary provocateur. We cultivate the contemporary, the exceptional, and the unexpected in the practice of artists working in and engaging with the Kansas City Art Community


At Charlotte Street the studio residents formally meet once a month. This year, some of the residents have organized an informal group that gets together each of the other Mondays. Without an official program, the group uses our time together to discuss the current projects in our studios, get feedback on things we’re reading and thinking about, and will shortly be holding our first critique night.


We have recently been starting each of our meetings with a sort of share session, something we call Input / Output. During this time we introduce each other to our current influences – anything from the podcasts we’re streaming or the YouTube channels we frequent to the traditional print media in which we’re elbow deep as we conduct our research.

For our 4th meeting, and the introductory session for this program, I presented alongside current studio resident and writer Alicen Lundberg. My contribution to the evening was largely language-based, since this has been the primary preoccupation for each of the projects the ARGOT/NOTS have in progress.

International Art English

I first spoke about International Art English, the essay published on Triple Canopy in 2012. In the essay Alix Rule and David Levine satirize the artspeak that has become synonymous with the art world press release. I then moved on to the David Lipsky book Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself, which chronicles and transcribes his conversations with David Foster Wallace during the end of the Infinite Jest book tour (translated into filmic mode in 2015 as The End of the Tour).

Although of Course You End up Becoming Yourself

Finally I went on to discuss Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History and Sarah Urist Green’s The Art Assignment, my favorite podcast and YouTube channel, respectively. In his program Gladwell reconsiders cultural conditions and historical events, while Green explains movements and artists in an approach accessible by art world outsiders as well as those versed in the canon.

The Art Assignment


Through Input / Output we are able to share our interests, receive feedback, and introduce other residents to potentially new influences.


art collective Logan Hamilton Acton + Meghan Skevington

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