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Resident Check-In: Shiny Jets

What is your artistic medium?

Tucker: We work almost exclusively in preposterous notions.

Shanté: Mostly from Joanns’

What do you hope to explore in your art during your time at Charlotte Street?

Shanté: I’d like to know if the bigfoot really exists.

Tucker: yeah, basically the same stuff, chemtrails, shapeshifters, loch ness, area 51, all that. All the mysteries of the unexplained.

In what ways do you utilize your space for your art practice?

Tucker: We utilize it sort of as a room-like structure, and we have found that when you play music in it, the sound bounces around and doesn’t leave the room because of the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. If you have the means, we highly recommend getting a similar room. The key is the 4 walls and the ceiling.

Shanté: What about the floor?

Tucker: Yeah, you’ll need the floor too.

Walk us through a typical day in your studio…

Shanté: Our typical day occurs at night. For us the day is night. We come to the studio to explore the night. Because at night the children weep.

Tucker: We come to the studio to feast on the pain of the dead and dance with the spirits in the horrifying darkness.

Shanté: It’s truly terrifying.

What is the first piece of art you remember grabbing your attention? At what age? Why do you think it did?

Tucker: When I was probably six years old, I was playing on the playground. Written in pen, on some part of the structure were the words “Joan gives head to the dead”. That really stuck with me.

Shante: In 4th grade I was chosen to stencil “Peace in the Middle East” on a poster to be displayed on our classroom door. The poster I made was awesome and everybody loved it. Could have made it in spanish if I wanted to. I knew I had arrived.

Whose studio do you find yourself wandering to in your downtime?

Shante: Actually, we’ve been secretly going around, sneaking into people’s studios and adding tiny details on everyone’s pieces. So we’re everywhere.

Tucker: If you notice a little splotch of color you don’t remember making, it might be us

What events do you have coming up in the near future?

Shante: My cat Zippers has been puking more than usual, I’ll definitely be taking her in to get that checked out.

Tucker: I’m thinking of starting a punk rock jacket.

What are some of your plans post-residency?

Shanté: Really, I just really gotta get this cat the vet.

Tucker: Punk rock jacket.

Shanté: Tucker, you should try Joanns’.

About jamespmcnamara

I'm a poet who lives in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm currently and always working on new idras. Anybody wanna buy some? You should. I've been told by a few folks that aren't my mom that it's pretty good.

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