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bongo chix & scary stories

Hey guys, good news! We finished “Stoned Acid Freaks.” This is a collaboration between me and Rachel Mesplay Helm. It’s online and also available on limited edition VHS.


I’m really proud of it, also the copy I wrote for the VHS: it’s my dream to be a copywriter and blurb my favorite stuff, like liquid aminos & white-out. If you’re the editor of a fun and frivolous catalog, hmu. I’ll have the VHS & other stuff for sale (shirts, buttons, li’l guys, etc.) at Open Studios weekend, April 28th & 29th.


While we had everything set up, we went ahead and made that piss tape everyone’s been dying to see. Here’s the video. It’s NSFW.

I just got back from Baltimore for Baltimore PMF VIII. I forget what PMF stands for: Periodicals & Multiples Fest? Prints & Magazines Fair? Something like that. It was fun & weird & overall very inspiring. I went with Olivia Gibb. She’s a fun chick and an art monster! Check out her stuff! She also inspired me to make ceramics, so my next update should include lots of brown mermaids & “experimental” incense holders, ha-ha.

Baltimore is super cool! My friend Lee Heinemann is out there doing really, really cool stuff, he is so smart, OMG! Check out the Contemporary Museum & Get Your Life productions. I’m happy I know so many cool creative people! Did I mention all my stuff is printed at Oddities Prints, and that my VHS were dubbed with the good help of Kendell Harbin & her amazing Cry Now VHS video library?!

I also started writing a self-help book, “How to Live Fabulously When You Just Want to Die,” but it’s a bigger project than I anticipated. Who knew I had so many life hacks?

The nice thing about not making any money making art is that you (I) can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about CELEBRITY and HORROR, two things I’d really like to write about when I’m not writing the side of a cereal box. I’d like to read a book about what it’s like to be extravagantly famous, maybe from the POV of Kim Kardashian-West or Oprah Winfrey. Also I’d like to write a book that scares me. I’ve been working on my author photo…. what do you guys think!?!

6532 - 01 A


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