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Erin Jones

“One thing that is very important. I am terrified of the dark. In the dark of my bedroom, a towel draped over a door easily becomes an enormous – possibly threatening – face. Vivid imagination coupled with irrational fear has had substantial impact on my work. A few years ago, I found an image of a cave painting in which the painter added pigment to the natural geography of the cave wall to create an abstract face. I imagine the artist inside the cave 10,000 years ago, seeing the illusion of a face on the surface wall and helping it along with a bit of pigment. I see myself exactly this way. We can only speculate why that artist chose to make those marks. They may have been made in worship, out of fear, or perhaps boredom. These are not dissimilar to my artistic motivations.

Daily routine is vital to production in my studio. My drawing technique is time consuming, but not a burden. I get pleasure from repetitive acts and enjoy experiencing the passage of time. In a recent drawing series titled, Cosmic Thing, I aim to describe the abstract relationship between the visible and the spiritual, the material and the supernatural. The night sky, specifically the asterism known as Orion’s Belt, has always existed to me as a powerful emblem of the divine. The exceptional order of those three stars could be incidental, but this could be strategic design and consequently made to seem like chance. A trick. I am absolutely not trying to say that my work is an attempt to recreate the power of god or to even be about concrete religion at all, but my work is about things not being precisely what they seem. These drawings are symbolic of my desire to discover – or more likely, to fantasize about what invisible truths our world might embody.”

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This entry was posted on August 17, 2013 by in Erin Jones, Visual Artists.

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