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2015-16 STUDIO RESIDENTS announcement & SLIDE SLAM

Charlotte Street Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of 15 visual artists, 3 writers, and 6 performing artists and ensembles for year-long Charlotte Street Foundation studio residencies, to begin … Continue reading

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Thread paintings by Amy Fredman at Open Studios!

Come visit my embroidery studio and take a sneak peek at some new work I have been brewing for a show I will be assembling this fall….including experimental flat work … Continue reading

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Application NOW LIVE for fall 2014-15 residencies! Deadline May 12

Charlotte Street Foundation is now accepting applications from visual artists, performing artists, and writers interested in being considered for its competitive Urban Culture Project Studio Residency Program. Applications are due … Continue reading

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“Parade Route” March 22, 7:30 as part of “Time and Memory” at Paragraph

Featuring acting, performance and accompanying music, Parade Route is the story of two friends born on the same day, in the same Kansas hospital, and their route to coming out, … Continue reading

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LYLAS: Christian Defonte, Kate Falcone, Natalie Ebaugh, Frankie Fleming, Lindsey Eskind – opens Fri Jan 31 at Project Space

LYLAS, an exhibition of contemporary artworks by Christian Defonte (New York, NY), Kate Falcone (Brooklyn, NY), Natalie Ebaugh (Portland, OR), Frankie Fleming (CA), and Lindsey Eskind (Kansas City, MO), opens Friday January 31, 6-9pm at Project Space, 21 East … Continue reading

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Tea Time ‘zine showcase opens Friday, Jan 31, 6-9p at Paragraph

Tea Time, a showcase of new ‘zines, opens Friday, January 31, 6-9pm at Paragraph Gallery as part of Charlotte Street Foundation’s Studio Residency Program ¶ Series. Created by Rodolfo Marron III, … Continue reading

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OBJET ~ boutique pop-up shop opens Friday Jan 31, 6-9 at Paragraph

OBJET ~ boutique, a pop-up shop curated by Dean Roper, opens Friday, January 31, 6-9pm at Paragraph Gallery, 23 East 12th Street, KCMO. OBJET ~ boutique will host a selection of utilitarian objects … Continue reading

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In·ter·ven·tion, site-specific installation by Carolina Aranibar, opens Friday Jan 17 at Paragraph

Debuting at Paragraph gallery, 23 East 12th Street, on Friday, January 17, 6-9pm, In·ter·ven·tion is a temporary, site-specific installation by studio resident Carolina Aranibar. Inspired by natural phenomena of light, color, … Continue reading

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HONEY POT PERFORMANCE presents PRICE POINT at Paragraph, December 13, 9pm

As the culmination of the Studios Open House on December 13, Charlotte Street Foundation presents PRICE POINT, a live performance by Chicago-based ensemble Honey Pot Performance at Paragraph Gallery, 23 East … Continue reading

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Join us Friday, December 13, starting at 5pm, for a Charlotte Street Studio Residency Program HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE!  Town Pavilion and pARTnership Place will feature open studios by our two-dozen visual artist residents, … Continue reading

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Save the date! Open House December 13

On Friday December 13, 5:30-9pm. we will host a holiday Open House, welcoming friends and visitors into the studios at pARTnership Place (906 Grand, 13th floor) and Town Pavilion (1100 … Continue reading

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Black Lab – A New Music Festival

With live performances at Paragraph Gallery (23 East 12th Street) on Thursday and Saturday nights through the end of October, BLACK LAB brings innovative new work by a wide range of talented musicians, dancers … Continue reading

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Studio Residency ¶ Series opens with BLACK LAB Sept 5

A new season of Studio Resident-focused programming at Paragraph gallery begins with Black House Collective’s BLACK LAB, an ambitious two-month a new music festival. Opening night (free) on Thursday, September … Continue reading

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We are excited to introduce Charlotte Street’s 2013-14 Studio Residents to one another and to the public at a kick-off SLIDE SLAM on Wednesday, September 4, 7:30pm at our la … Continue reading

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Brett Ginsburg

“The art objects I create serve as new interpretations of idols and icons. Works reflect on the redress of commodities, desires, and fetishization/frivolity within a material indulgent culture. These notions … Continue reading

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Nicholas Omiccioli

“…My current research includes vertical harmonic construction and the prolongation of fixed pitches on the staff. Not limiting myself to one school of thought, the musical language I base my … Continue reading

August 21, 2013 · 1 Comment

Will Meier

“Some people insist that all we think we know about our world is constructed. Others say that everything
exists as an extension of a natural order that is comprehensible only in fragments.”

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Zachary Miley

“…Collectively, Miley’s work could be seen as a discussion on the sublime. This suggestion is quickly dismissed because of the physical tactility (which is distant in the drawings, clear and … Continue reading

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Jessica Borusky

[vimeo] “The body is a location of mixed cultural messages, which perform and project lived experience via personal and socio-cultural histories. Through satirical video-performance, I address the polemics of problematic … Continue reading

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Tim Brown

“My sculptural work is currently concerned with elements of the Light & Space movement combined with the materiality of Arte Povera. It uses inexpensive lighting effects and common materials to … Continue reading

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Lindsay Fernandez

“In my studio practice, I create monolithic objects and spaces that show the passage or accumulation of time. I use video, painting, and sculpture to a similar end; all of … Continue reading

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Matthew Roche

“I attempt to create installations that transform their housing spaces through the unorthodox use of common and affordable materials and DIY lighting and sound components.”

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Chadi El-Khoury

“I am a dancer, and choreographer. My choreographic style is inspired movement with visceral intent. It explores creating outward expression but with greater authenticity to inner emotion. This philosophy is … Continue reading

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Erin Jones

“One thing that is very important. I am terrified of the dark. In the dark of my bedroom, a towel draped over a door easily becomes an enormous – possibly … Continue reading

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Maegan Stracy

“My work capitalizes on our desire to be tactile. Through my material choices and investigations, I create pieces that appeal to us on a visceral level; they beg to be … Continue reading

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Jonas Sebura

“My conceptual practice explores the fundamental aspects of human relationships through the construction of perfect, but slightly odd, vernacular architecture along with absurd actions that test the boundaries of our … Continue reading

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Lindsey Eskind

“I employ the Internet and the people who exist within this digital realm as a medium to mold, respond, and create a new understanding or connection where there was not … Continue reading

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Dean Roper

“I have always been intrigued with the taboo, the off- limits, and the disapproved. There is something genuine and humorous about creating objects with restrictions, negative connotations, and clichés. I … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Woodfill

“As a Kansas City artist surrounded by a landscape of urban collapse, regeneration and rehabilitation, I’m working to create a lexicon inspired by the static from an urban working routine … Continue reading

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Eric Dobbins

Founder of Wonder Fair: Art Gallery, Shoppe and Studio in Lawrence, KS and co-director of the Rocket Grant funded publishing effort Field Trip Pub., Eric Dobbins spends his studio days … Continue reading

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Rachel Helm

“Is this really messed up, or is it just me?”

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Carolina Aranibar

“I create installations that are ephemeral as well as site specific, using subtlety and vivid qualities, which alter what already exists in space in order to elicit a new experience. … Continue reading

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Laura Isaac

“I make art to work through questions I have; I am an artist to make myself uncomfortable. I view the complete art project as not only a single object or … Continue reading

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Kent Szlauderbach

“The privilege to call myself a writer is only as meaningful as the service I can provide as one. Before I am a writer in the vague, artistic sense of … Continue reading

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Justin Beachler

“The workings of the contemporary art world – be it the means of artistic influence, popular art-making tactics, or mass distribution of imagery/criticism via popular publications – are of interest … Continue reading

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Erin Muenks

“My work displays single or multiple emotions drawn from photography and the stories of those that may not have the voice or strength to tell their story. Real people and … Continue reading

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Jane Gotch

I am a dance artist living in Kansas City. For years, I felt like I was missing out on something — New York, LA, Philadelphia, a scene. Now I fully … Continue reading

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Gamelan Genta Kasturi

Gamelan Genta Kasturi, a community Balinese Semaradana Gamelan ensemble, has existed since its creation in the spring of 2003 by Balinese master musician I Ketút Gedé Asnawa and family in … Continue reading

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David Wayne Reed

“I write because I love to listen. I perform so I know that I’m not alone. Growing up on a farm in Louisburg, Kansas without formal creative outlets for my … Continue reading

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Christopher Daharsh

“My motivation to create stems from a fascination with everyday experience and visuals most often associated with the banal, the mundane, and the overlooked. These moments have a way of … Continue reading

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