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Chadi El-Khoury

Chadi El-Khoury

“I am a dancer, and choreographer.

My choreographic style is inspired movement with visceral intent. It explores creating outward expression but with greater authenticity to inner emotion. This philosophy is inspired by a concept that mind and body are separate, but together they foster an expressive unit—emotion and physical response.

The body is a tool for the mind, indispensable for its existence. Our thoughts are relayed to the body, where they are expressed. But rarely does our reactive movement capture in whole our emotional and intellectual output. My choreographic style explores those communicative breaks, substituting for void transitional movement to create greater continuity in truly representative phrasing.

Succinctly…explore the gaps, fill the whole. Transform emotion into a tangible visual. Tell a more authentic story. And dance a more honest emotion.”

Watch video of recent work on Vimeo.

Artist’s website. 

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