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Black Lab – A New Music Festival

With live performances at Paragraph Gallery (23 East 12th Street) on Thursday and Saturday nights through the end of October, BLACK LAB brings innovative new work by a wide range of talented musicians, dancers and artists to downtown KC.  Don’t miss this chance to see and hear some of the most exciting new music and performance being generated in the Midwest now!

BLACK LAB, produced by Black House Collective, is the first installment in Charlotte Street’s 2013-14 Studio Residency Program ¶ Series, highlighting the work of performing artists, visual artists, and writers in its Studio Residency Program.

For more information on each performance, click through to the events on the schedule below.

Black Lab Schedule

Sept. 5 – Opening Night

Sept. 12 –  Russell Thorpe

Sept. 14 – Rich Wheeler+Matt Otto

Sept. 19 – Jeff Harshbarger

Sept. 21 – Ad Astra Percussion + Hunter Long

Sept. 26 – Brian Padavic

Sept. 28 – Clint Ashlock’s Forward + Black House Quartet

Sept. 30 – Thollem Electric

Oct. 3 – Brad Cox

Oct. 5 – Shawn Hansen + Gamelan + Nagual

Oct. 10 – Mark Southerland

Oct. 12 – Carmen Moreno

Oct. 17 – Eric Chapman

Oct. 19 – H2 Quartet

Oct. 24 – Jane Gotch and Hansen

Oct. 26 – Project H + Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7

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