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Oh my god, where has the time gone?

Hello again everyone!  I’m super stoked to have been accepted to a second and final year as a Charlotte Street Foundation Artist in Residence.  My first year was a phenomenal success in many ways, largely, working myself raw to the bone.  That is very much who I am though, I’ve never thought I was a very smart, talented or incredibly gifted individual…but I can work hard and live to work hard.

I feel very blessed that this year I didn’t have to move into my new studio over the course of the first month of the residency, which is what happened to me last year.  However, I still haven’t been in studio a ton this first month as I have been traveling and doing work across the states.  This post might be a bit long but I want to make a retrospective post of whats been going on since my last post.  I will add a couple of images from here from, “Sincerely Yours,” the third visiting curator show CSF did last year that included Monica Dixon, Lucas Wetzel and myself.

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Before and during Michael Krueger’s curated show, “Sincerely Yours,” I was busy making work for three public art installations.  One was for the Lawrence Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition, the second was in coordination with the Smoky Hill River Festival and the third was for Art in the Loop’s Ilus Davis Art in the Park Project.  For the SHRF in Salina, over 30 community members helped create the installation pictured below.  I recently took down my Art in the Loop installation and was very thrilled with the outcome of the work.  I was able to connect deeply with many of the locals who live in Ilus Davis Park and now call many of them my friends.  It has inspired me for future bodies of work focusing on homelessness while engaging with that community and assisting in a number of ways.

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In coordination with my project, “Hempen Support : Vines of Passion,” I collaborated with fellow Charlotte Street Artist in Residence James P. Mcnamara where he wrote a deeply moving poem in response to the project.  I also worked with Jefferson Donald to make a video about the installation of the work.  He filmed and edited the video, James spoke his poem in the video and my friend and fellow artist Nate Henricks scored the video.  You can find that video here on Vimeo and Youtube.


Following all of this goodness and work work work, it was time for a much needed vacation and some time with my wife.  I of course couldn’t just do a vacation so it turned in to a workcation (the only vacations I take).  We headed over to Colorado where I was a visiting artist for Gina Adams ceramics class and drawing class at Naropa University.  I demostrated coil building for her clay class and did an artist talk for her drawing class.  After my work at Naropa it was full on vacay in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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I returned home for a couple of days from Colorado and then turned around and went back to Colorado, this time Evergreen where I was at a weaving retreat some amazing fiber heads from around the US.  It was an outstanding time skillsharing, weaving, being in nature, eating great food and nerding out on all things fiber.

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Following the weaving retreat I came back home for a couple days and only had time to install this new work for, “Something Fleeting,” a show at the University of Kansas Art and Design Gallery featuring works from the Lawrence Arts Center faculty.

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The next day I flew out to Brooklyn, NY to take part in Art Slope Multi-Arts Festival that occurred throughout Park Slope.  I did a site specific public art installation at the Old Stone House while giving an artist talk at the Textile Arts Center.  It was good to get back to New York to do some more work and reconnect with my NY family.

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After getting back home I was finally able to get some good time in my CSF studio to prep for some set design work for the upcoming independent film, “Fugue.”  It is a Cinderella-type story based around the life of aerial dancing.  It was an honor to be part of such a unique project.  I can’t wait to see the film finished with all the CGI goodness.

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It feels so good to finally be back home.  I’m actually writing this blog post in Salina, KS.  I was invited to come and work with Lakewood Middle School’s 7th graders doing a community based public art installation focusing on the natural environment and the invasive Japanese Honey Suckle.  I’m working with an amazing crew of people to make this happen.  Tomorrow, 250 students will help weave one of my medicinal totems that will be offered back to the Earth.  But in theory, I am back home.  And it feels good.  I miss all of my friends and family and deeply apologize for being absent for so many amazing events and gatherings that happened while I was gone.  I will make up for it, I promise.  Much love to you all and here is to the new year of Charlotte Street.  One thing is for sure, I will work hard.


-Live and Dye Naturally

Neil Goss

About liveanddyenaturally

Neil Goss lives in Lawrence, KS where he concentrates his work around natural Earth processes while responding to human impacts upon those processes. In 2012 he received two BFA's in Design with concentrations in Textiles and Ceramics from the University of Kansas School of the Arts. Goss has focused the last 5 years of his life to researching and practicing sustainable arts processes such as natural dyeing, weaving (backstrap weaving), utilizing hand dug clay, and foraging art materials. Goss has taught workshops, completed public art installations and done artist talks from coast to coast in the United States. He currently is a practicing professional artist, artist-in-residence at the Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City, MO and teaches pottery and natural dyeing at the Lawrence Arts Center.

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  1. Sketchbook of a seeker
    October 16, 2016

    you are amazing Neil Love you

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