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Ted King-Smith

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Ted King-Smith (b.1988) is a composer, educator, and saxophonist based in Kansas City, Missouri. Described as “off-beat, jazzy, and… convincing,” his music synthesizes several different influences, musical and otherwise, into engaging works that emphasize variety, virtuosity, and improvisation. Recent recognition for his music has come from the American Prize and the Washington-Idaho Symphony. His music has been performed across the United States and Canada, including the Helzberg Hall in the Kauffman Performing Arts Center (Kansas City), the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), the Root Signals Electronic Music Festival, the New Horizons Music Festival, and the Florida StateUniversity New Music Festival. King-Smith is also active in the Kansas City new music community as a founding member of the Mnemosyne (nem-o-zine) Quartet and Fusebox New Music collective.

“As a composer my music synthesizes several influences, musical and non-musical, into engaging works that emphasize variety, virtuosity, and improvisation. Recent projects combine acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, and use elements of noise to bend between fantasy and reality.”


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