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Airplane Etude, and the progression of a musical idea

As a composer I am fascinated with how sound and more traditional elements of music can be combined. I often explore these possibilities in the form of improvisations, which are then polished into larger and more cohesive pieces. Below is an etude of mine that has had a lot of play in my recent work. It was originally written for the ArtSounds collaboration with Cody Khaul, Mnemosyne Quartet, and the Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes: Celestial Metamorphosis. I wrote the first and last movements for this show, and the etude comes from the first movement. The electronic material from that movement originated as field recordings I took from the inside of an airplane, and so everything you hear (except the crickets) was manipulated from these recordings. After Celestial Metamorphosis, I created the excerpt below, which was featured on a new music mixtape last year from I Care If You Listen. Lastly, the chorale at about 2:00 into this excerpt became the focal point of a work I finished this past fall, Between Glimpses of Blue, for wind ensemble and electronics. So this one idea has permeated my music for over a year and has manifested itself in three entirely different settings. As an idealistic graduate student I would’ve balked at the idea of reusing material. However I’ve come to see that just because something was created and used for one purpose doesn’t mean it can only exist in that state. This weekend I travel to Washington State for a performance of Winter’s Summer,  and will likely be listening to this as I fly. Feel free to listen to Airplane Etude below, and visit the Celestial Metamorphosis page and hear part of this music idea’s progression!

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