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Desolate Country Poetry Anthology

I was recently published in a literary collection called Desolate Country: We the Poets, United, Against Trump published by 39 West Press and Art Uprising. It was a fast response to the immediate feelings of the (at the time) impending Trump presidency. It’s doing quite well on Amazon charts and I hope people continue to buy it as any extra money made from it goes to Planned Parenthood. It also, features work from fellow resident, Jen Harris. 

The speed at which the 39 West team put this together is truly impressive and It was a pleasure to be a part of this process. I will say as a poet in Kansas City, I have to remind myself just how amazing it is to have these small publishers here. This is something that I could have never imagined in my childhood.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book and anything else that 39 West has to offer, you can visit their website at the link above or here.

About jamespmcnamara

I'm a poet who lives in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm currently and always working on new idras. Anybody wanna buy some? You should. I've been told by a few folks that aren't my mom that it's pretty good.

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