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Resident Check-In: Jen Harris

What is your artistic medium?

Spoken Word Poetry / Writing.

What do you hope to explore in your art during your time at Charlotte Street?


I am exploring playwriting, Spoken Word poetry in collaboration with visual artists and musicians.

In what ways do you utilize your space for your art practice?

I write, rehearse, and handle administrative work.

Walk us through a typical day in your studio…

When I’m not on tour my typical day consists of responding to a plethora of email and social media messages, writing, rehearsing a new piece to add to my catalog of memorized work – take a walk / break / coffee – often leave to meet with potential collaborators and then write more at home that night.

What is the first piece of art you remember grabbing your attention? At what age? Why do you think it did?

The first poem I ever memorized was by Jewel Kilcher.

“There is a pretty girl on the cover of the magazine and all I can see are my dirty hands turning the page.”

I was so profoundly moved by the sincerity and simplicity of this truth that I became obsessed with writing poetry. And then I discovered Bukowski while working for a bookstore and I just never looked back.
Spoken Word – Slam poetry – I was introduced to this medium in Berkeley and it combined my two favorite things, poetry, and theater. The rest is history.

Whose studio do you find yourself wandering to in your downtime?

I don’t wander much. My schedule is increasingly tight because I am paying almost all of my bills with Art and Art-related activities, so I have to be *somewhere* often.

What events do you have coming up in the near future?

My one-woman-show Lust & Disdain Feb 3 & 4


What are some of your plans post-residency?

I don’t have any plans post-residency. I remain very present in this dream and leave room for life to happen to me.

About jamespmcnamara

I'm a poet who lives in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm currently and always working on new idras. Anybody wanna buy some? You should. I've been told by a few folks that aren't my mom that it's pretty good.

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