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Final Fridays in Lawrence, KS

Hey everyone!  I’m making a quick blog post here today to announce that I’ll be showing new work tonight for Final Fridays in Lawrence. I’ll be having my work for sale tonight and will be giving 25% of my income to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock.  If you are out and about stop by Merkaba at 841 New Hampshire where I’ll be showing new weavings and wood-fired pottery items.  This will be from 5-8.

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You can also see a wider range of my wood-fired ceramics at Yantra at 840 Massachusetts.  This show, “Atmospheric Firings : Life on the Range,” is a collaboration between the Lawrence Arts Center and the University of Kansas Ceramics Department.  Usually, once a year, these two organizations combine forces to fire KU’s wood-fired kilns.  This year we fired the wood-soda, wood-salt, and large anagama kilns.  This show will have work from each individual who participated in the firing.  I’ll personally be showing some large vases, a pitcher, a bottle and various mugs.

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I hope to see some of you out tonight.  I’ll make a studio update post in a week or two.

Live and Dye Naturally,


About liveanddyenaturally

Neil Goss lives in Lawrence, KS where he concentrates his work around natural Earth processes while responding to human impacts upon those processes. In 2012 he received two BFA's in Design with concentrations in Textiles and Ceramics from the University of Kansas School of the Arts. Goss has focused the last 5 years of his life to researching and practicing sustainable arts processes such as natural dyeing, weaving (backstrap weaving), utilizing hand dug clay, and foraging art materials. Goss has taught workshops, completed public art installations and done artist talks from coast to coast in the United States. He currently is a practicing professional artist, artist-in-residence at the Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City, MO and teaches pottery and natural dyeing at the Lawrence Arts Center.

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