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Residency Wrap-Up (In Haiku)

To all my fellow residents from 2015-16, thanks for being awesome:

Max Adrian

Material man
Miracle leather afloat
Shine puppet master

Archive Collective

In a flash a group
Forever dreams themselves framed
Forever dreams them

Hannah Carr

Everything so bright
Everything a world to touch
Everything in things

Miranda Clark

Rethink the structure
New structure from construction
Foundation breaks shape

Molly Dillon

Krazy Kat Wittgenstein
Color line uncertainty
Captured bright, old souls

Monica Dixon

From the walls hang years
And from the years grow stories
Tales tailored in time

Amado Espinoza

She calls. He listens.
Earth, air, flame, water, spirit
All sway to these notes

Molly Garrett

What might move Molly
Makes moves Molly moves Molly
Might make Molly move

Neil Goss

Woven across space
Red mud brown thread binding life
Son of Mother Earth

Paige Hinshaw

Production reborn
Reified commodities
What is not for sale?

Melanie Johnson

Figures built by hand
Line by line until a once life
Remember yourself

Cody Kauhl

A feeling, a sound
Visions for the hungry ear
Sine waves through the night

Kadie Nugent

Where your room becomes
Space, an unresting object
Where walls know your names

Daiana Oneto

Shaded disquiet
Landscapes washed and smudged anew
What can the dark hold?

Brian Padavic

Flesh bone exploding
Springs pluck strings offer bottom
Release in the deep

Paris of the Plains

Unlock the story
To others we are a tale
Narratives ourselves

MacKenzie Reed

Arial movements
Wandering along ivory
Three-ring superstar

Shades of Jade

All day every day
Smooth operators in tune
Green glass cools shadow

Lara Shipley

Effortless captures
Who’s found the Ozark Howler
Tucked way down home

Lauren Sobchak

A loomer looms light
Leaps lightening electric sparks
Maker making makes

Danny Volin

Work words worrying
Walls close in. Wander the halls.
Words work no worries

Lucas Wetzel

Letters everywhere
Days filled with colors…letters
Legacy echoes

Arnold Young

Sis-Boom! Rat-A-Tat!
Beyond the walls, woodwinds blow
Swing swang swung undone

To CSF staff: This matters. Thank you.

Finally, I’d like to share a collaboration that Brian Padavic and I worked on over the summer. We are both quite proud of how it turned out:



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