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What is going on in the dance studio?

Amado Residence

I am very excited for Open Studios! Because of recent performances with Ensemble Iberica, TedxYouth, Earth Day at KU, and classroom workshops making recycled instruments, it has been difficult to find time to practice my scales in the morning in the dance studio, but I have been busy composing for our upcoming project, called “K’OA” (Quechua word for offering). My companions (Karen Lisondra, Andres Ramirez, Arelis Flores, Maura Garcia, Dario Rugerio, and Selene Hernandez) and I call our group We are the Landscape, and we formed at the beginning of the Residency. We rehearse twice a week in the dance studio. We use music and dance to investigate the rituals, beliefs, and myths of our ancestral cultures (the indigenous way). In addition, it takes a long time to teach each other these dances, to learn new instruments, and also learn songs in languages that our grandparents spoke. It is okay because now we feel like a family, and we really value the wisdom of eachother’s cultures and journeys. That is the organic way, right? We will write more about our reflections of this process, but we hope you can see our preview at Open Studios Friday at 7 and Saturday at 3PM! (Phew! Writing in english is difficult)

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This entry was posted on April 22, 2016 by in Open Studios, Performing Artists/Ensembles.

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