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Six Months in the Studio (aka Six Months of Sonnets…About Your Mom)


Time continues to pass so quickly I still get butterflies in my belly.
Best not to dwell on it. Best to listen to Hank Williams while watching the sun rise over Kansas City.
But, damn it, we’ve been here six months.
Making music.
Making weavings.
Making shows.
Artists arting. Making things. Making magic. (Literally, this is all a conjuring.)

For me, the past six months have been eyes on the screen and fingers on the keys – time spent completing half of a collection of 154 sonnets…about your mom.

That’s right. 77 fresh and sassy sonnets…about your mom.

And I wanted to share one of those 77 sonnets with you today.
This is my #30 sonnet…about your mom:

Halloween and sweet, sugary thoughts,
Unwrapped remembrances of treats gone by:
Your mom in a sexy elephant costume she’d bought,
Here I consider how quickly does time’s arrow fly.
Today I drown my troubles with brown bottles
But back then, precious friend, I’d spend dateless nights
Weeping and whining to your mom all my sorrows,
And moan of how often with girls I would fight,
That I’d be better off courting one with time’s gains,
And she’d listen and shush my woes over and over;
My so sad accounts and adolescent pains
She’d soothe with a light touch upon my shoulder.
     But never that line would she cross, my dear friend;
     Just an elephant in Daisy Dukes did she stay ’till the end.

Should you be so inclined, you’ll have an opportunity to read more of these nuggets starting at the end of this month during the next Visiting Curator Series at CSF’s Paragraph Gallery & Project Space (details forthcoming). Until then, I’ll see you in the studio.


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