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Writers in a Room Not Writing – Interpreted by Jason Preu – Part the Third – Edda-fied Upon a Mountaintop

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Lucas asks us,                       “How do you keep from sucking?”
Jason brings up                      imposter syndrome;
That feeling that,                     though you do not suck,
You can’t but think                  you’re sucking still.

Feelings to fight                       like giants of yore,
Beasts of insecurity                 to be bested singly:
By repeated practice,              over and over and over,
Building strong frames             to drape in connotation.

Write uselessly,                       write for smiles, sassyness.
Always experiment, play,         and it won’t suck so hard.
The earth yet spins                  and stars shine above,
When Jason asks Lucas,         “So how do you not suck?”

Lucas says, “Rewrites and       rewrites again, never mind
First drafts: just rewrite             and edit and rewrite again.
And when the sun rises            to light page and plains,
step back and relax,                 leave it alone, go away.”

Matt Hodap, when asked,         “How to ensure your best?”
Replies with authority,               “Editors, they’re heavensent.
They tell you what sucks           and suggest how to fix it,
For the writer knows not            where her suckage lies
And the editor helps                   turn shit into gold.”

Conversation turns                     to The Holy Mountain
And misunderstanding               scatalogical as scatterlogical,
Names we now give                   these twilight-fueled words.
Yes, here we sit,                        under a waxing moon,
All bright evening,                      not writing a thing.

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