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Our First Episodes And An Update

Hello from Paris of the Plains Podcast. We’ve had a fantastic first few months in the residency recording some surprising Kansas City stories. We’d love to share those stories with you here as well as some updates about where our organization is going in 2016.

For those who haven’t heard us yet, Paris of the Plains Podcast is dedicated to producing unheard audio stories from people who have a relationship with Kansas City. We seek out those narratives that are personal, powerful, but above all surprising and engaging.

Recently, this podcast has transitioned into an entire podcasting collective called Fountain City Frequency. Here’s a link to the website:

We already have a brand new show planned to launch in February called Ghost Notes which will tell the story of Kansas City’s musical landscape through in-depth, honest, and unpredictable interviews.

Here’s a sneak preview of that:


It’s been a whirlwind.

During our time with Charlotte Street, we’ve also made great use of the studio space. Here are some of the best episodes we’ve recorded there:

The story of a Kansas City documentary film maker who discovers he has bipolar disorder while making a documentary about bipolar disorder:
The story of two dads who stay at home raising kids and baking pies:
The story of one of the first community gardens in the Paseo area, and the disabled woman who grew it from the ground up:
And, our Christmas episode made with the help of fellow Charlotte Street resident Kadie Nugent
Coming up this year will be interviews with an artist who walked the border of Kansas City in 15 days, Councilwoman Jolie Justus, and many more.
Thanks for listening, stay tuned, and please feel free to share your story with us!



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