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One Month In the Studio

I often get nauseous when I pause to consider how fast time passes. How fast it marches on. Instead of casually meandering along time’s arrow, I often feel like I’m falling into the chomping, salivating mouth of the future. My stomach drops out from under me and I flail about trying to slow my descent. Is that normal? When you give time’s passing your full attention does it pass similarily for you? Or do you feel you’re opening the door to the future’s Thanksgiving dinner where you’re welcomed with open arms and a slice of pie? Mmmm…pie.

Today, my head is somewhere around the beginning of July, 2015. I’m just waking up, expecting a blast furnace to greet me should I venture outside so instead staying inside to check e-mail and finding therein a message from the Charlotte Street Foundation that says “Come To The Residency” and I’m reminded of that old “Come Back To Jamaica” commercial and am instantly dreaming of an island breeze with a rum drink and plenty of time to write sexy sonnets on a white-sand beach…

Now, it’s September 20th, and we’re getting keys to our studios. I’m walking around the studio space, slack-jawed and thinking, Well, it ain’t Jamaica but this. is. AWESOME!

Then BOOM! another month passes. (Incidentally, see how magical writers are? We can move back and forth through time like whiskey-ridden wizards!) Time marches on. Today, one month after getting our keys, the writers-in-residence are writing-in-residence. Other residents are making objects of beauty and mystery. Some are working hard to put together auditory engagements sure to shock and awe and inspire and prespire. Some residents are still moving in and prepping to blow minds even as I type these words…and these words…and even these little words. As for me: I’ve been popping into the studio several times a week and making steady progress on the personal projects I set up for the year (more on those later). I’ve managed to coerce employ (with fantastic benefits) a pair of street urchins to ghost write for me. Productivity, dear readers, is of the utmost importance.

By the time you get down to this sentence, time will have marched further on. Maybe 2 minutes for you. Maybe 2 months for me. Are you slipping and sliding into the future or hoping for another helping of dessert? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts about time passing and/or future pie. Better yet, leave a comment about what you’re looking forward to seeing come out of the residency this year. Any particular resident you’re closely watching? Any collaborations you’d like to suggest? Any good cocktail recipes to share?

Until next time,

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5 comments on “One Month In the Studio

  1. jdoublep
    October 20, 2015

    Reblogged this on Devious Bloggery.

  2. sharon gradischnig
    October 22, 2015

    Hey, stop by Thursday, 3-8pm at the Miller Nichols Library, UMKC for the opening of my 10 year retrospective show. Though I was disappointed to not receive a residency, like you did, I think I am making good use of time and my KCAI training. This show has a lot of work and help. Stop by and have a non alcoholic pinapple fizzy concoction and a look at a sampling of my art life over the past ten years or so. Bring friends.

    I’m planning on keeping an eye on Molly Dillon, as I have been enjoying and doing for the past four years. Especially after she decided to become a painter.

    I like your style and the way you are conceiving of time!

    • jdoublep
      October 22, 2015

      Thanks for the invite and thanks for reading and thanks for working so hard to make art! I will drop by today and check it out.

    • jdoublep
      October 23, 2015

      Enjoyed your show! In particular the mugshot paintings and the Fermentation triptych. Thanks for the invite.

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