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Charlotte Street Residency ending soon

With a little more than a month until move out day, thoughts of what is next begin to enter my mind. Thoughts of how did almost one year pass by so quickly? I was fresh out of undergrad when I was given this opportunity of being one of many wonderful artists to have a studio for an entire year through the residency and now it is nearing the end. For many of us, this was our first push into the world as emerging artists. To fight with time, the J O B, family/significant other (if any), and allowing yourself to create. For myself, it allowed a space to slow down my eye and sit with work longer than I would have, had I still been in the academic setting. The 24 hour access was a life saver for those nights I was still dragging from working a nine hour shift. It allowed myself to fight through “life” and still go and work in studio. Life events happened more than twice during the residency and I was often guilty of feeling guilty that I allowed them to keep me out of studio for periods at a time. Looking back it was needed in order to gauge myself living as a working artist. Balancing, life events, trips home, and unforseen problems, in the end were a benefit to my peace of mind knowing that as I embark on the next chapter, that I will be able to handle it. So as I was saying, a little more than a month left and now is not the time to slow down. I have made new supports for large work and have plans to stay hard at work until the end. Here are some studio shots of the glorious chaos I currently have. 11754602_1864527070439842_3426409918934682315_o11732051_1864565273769355_4984583424322520138_o 11224077_1861399354085947_6413665292882733342_o11807506_1864526847106531_7428807345575477764_o 11807770_1864526193773263_2217687482386219637_o

About cmuniz2015

Cristina received her BFA from Kansas City Art Institute in May.

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