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ARENA Showcase at HAW//Contemporary

Sara_Clarken_ArenaKC_Press_Sara Clarken

The ARENA showcase, held at Haw Contemporary August 30th, is a one-night event announcing ARENA’s place in the Kansas City and global art scenes. ARENA has curated a network of 40 artists, curators and designers, many of whom demonstrate fresh perspectives never before seen in Kansas City. Each artist has prepared a small series of works that represent his or her specific practice.

Cofounded by local artists Brett Ginsburg, Maegan Stracy and Christian Velasquez, ARENA is a speculative, multifaceted creative center based in Kansas City, MO. ARENA will host an unlimited array of creative pursuits and explorations, throughout the metro, in an effort to expand the current dialogue of the arts in Kansas City. This showcase marks the first event held by ARENA.

Please join us as we begin our pursuit in expanding the intersections between visual and creative culture.

ARENA Showcase

One night Event: August 30th, 7:00-10:00 pm

Preview Party: Begins at 5:30 pm

Location: Haw Contemporary, 1600 Liberty Kansas City, MO 64102

Exhibition Details:


Tom Pregiato


The ARENA showcase will demonstrate a wide range of perspectives. ARENA will feature a multitude of artists and visionaries from different career points and aspects of the creative field. The aim of the showcase is to combine unlikely pairings, creating a new dialogue between artists and viewers. Jesse Stecklow (Los Angeles, CA), Sara Clarken (Richmond, VA), Tom Pregiato (New York, NY), and Elizabeth Allen-Cannon (Kansas City, MO) are among the artists featured in the showcase.


ARENA identifies as a conceptual platform available for artists and other creatives to collaborate and exchange ideas, allowing artists to challenge themselves and work with others outside of their immediate community. ARENA will not orient around a fixed function, but constantly reinvent the expectation of a space. Inherently a collaboration between its primary coordinators, outside artists and the Kansas City creative community, ARENA conditions platforms for artists to operate relationally.

ARENA will act to enable artists to take risks and apply a new level of flexibility, unlike any other in Kansas City.

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